David Ewald is the author of the novel He Who Shall Remain Shameless, excerpts from which first appeared in The Harrow, The Bend, Morbid Outlook, The Chimaera and The Corner Club Press. He is also the author (with Stuart Ross) of Markson's Pier (Volume XI of Essays & Fictions), a chapbook, and is the editor of Eclectica Magazine's 20th Anniversary Nonfiction Anthology. Additional work has appeared in Spork Press, Metazen, The Good Men Project, Eclectica, BULL: Men's Fiction, Halfway Down the Stairs, Serving House Journal, and Denver Syntax. His full-length play, Great Awakenings, was part of Paragon Theatre's The Trench under the title "Mormania." He currently serves as Nonfiction, Travel and Miscellany Editor for Eclectica Magazine and lives with his wife and twin sons in California.

Contact him on gmail at david.ewald