Portions of He Who Shall Remain Shameless have appeared in The Harrow, The Bend, Morbid Outlook, The Chimaera and The Corner Club Press.

Harriet Quimby. Christine Chubbuck. Christopher Coe.

King Aegeus. Andrew Kehoe. Linda Gary. Leo Ryan.

These are just some of the spirits our hero and narrator David Michael Ewald (not the author of this book) encounters as he travels the world trying to convince those who died long ago and those who died more recently that their salvation lies with the Internet. Will these ghosts of the semi-famous, the would-be famous and the almost-forgotten accept his help and become part of the social-networking new world, or will the Meritocrat, our hero and narrator's unruly, unwieldy, nebulous archnemesis triumph instead? Find out in He Who Shall Remain Shameless, a paranormal adventure novel by David Ewald, now in its definitive second edition.

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