The Bend published "Can't Keep the Spider" (fiction), "Seat 14A" (short play), and "No Matter Where" (nonfiction)
BULL published "500 Kilometers to Cairo" (fiction)
The Corner Club Press published "Attractive Nuisance" (fiction)
Eclectica published "Ten Who Made America!" (fiction),"Revisitation Blues: Goodfellas" (nonfiction), "On the Twelfth Anniversary of the Crash of Alaska Airlines Flight 261" (nonfiction), and "Hubbock" (poetry)
Essays & Fictions published "Markson's Pier" (chapbook)
The Good Men Project published "How Having Kids Changed My Opinion of TV Violence" (nonfiction)
Halfway Down the Stairs published "The Hoosier Factor" (nonfiction)
Hippocampus Magazine interviewed by founder Donna Talarico here
The Island Fox published "Dreams of My Father Dying" (poetry), "Long Shot" (poetry) and "Update" (fiction)
Metazen published "Trupo's Hand" (fiction)
Serving House Journal published "Lontananza" (nonfiction)
Spork Press published "Notes from the Jumpseat" (fiction)
Syntax published "The Entomologist" (fiction)