Markson's Pier .....................................
“Writer is not David Markson.”

So begins Markson’s Pier, an experimental work that pays homage to the deceased David Markson while furthering his vision.

On a plane, the book’s protagonist—referred to only as “Writer”—cannot help but dwell on aeronautical mishaps, random dates of death and places of birth, items bought and bequeathed, and a multitude of facts and obscure quotations related to the musical and literary arts, the cultural fabric of history. Writer is not David Markson, but Writer does carry a comic sadness reminiscent of Markson’s protagonists. As Writer’s fate becomes clear, we reach an understanding of what Writer did—and, even more intriguing, what Writer did not do.
Print edition of Volume XI available for purchase here.
(with apologies to Hölderlin)